Quest was on the radio!  Click here to listen to the Mater Dei interview.

You keep seeing it, but being in the NW Portland/Vancouver area, there are not really many occasions to question, mention, or brainstorm with many other people about faith. Not necessarily because people don't want to or don't care, they just don't. In conversation, it doesn't seem like a relevant topic around social media, tv streaming, and the political climate. Where Quest is different is the realization that the world is different, and faith isn't always either/or. This popular program has been run in coffee shops, bars, schools, and conferences, and we're excited to have it running here at St. Joseph.

With talks like “Is Christianity relevant, boring, untrue?”, “What evidence is there for who Jesus is?” and "Does God Heal Today?", Quest provides an environment with normal people, who are also taking a break from normal lives, to share a great meal, see each other’s journeys, and discuss deeper faith questions that you might not have found adequate answers to. It is a safe place to bring questions, doubts, and fears, knowing that many others are going through similar challenges, or may not know how to start that discussion with people close to them. It's also a great space to enjoy getting to know people in a relaxed, fun atmosphere.

The first meeting is on Thurs. Sept 28th, 6:30-8:30, in Marian Hall with free dinner and limited childcare. Registration is below. Come and see if you like the first night; if so, continue with us for the 10-week course; if not, there’s no pressure to return, but we hope that you do!

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