Start Your Quest with Alpha! 


What if 10 Dinners Could Change Your Faith?

Especially here in the Northwest, faith isn't a popular topic of conversation. It’s understandable. There’s never enough time, is there? We live amidst the beautiful outdoors, an active political climate, a nearby city with a constant checklist of “Things to See and Do.” Not to mention essentials like raising healthy families or working to make ends meet. So when it comes to approaching our faith, scheduling and investing in it often feels like it’s limiting us further, doesn’t it? We gradually lose interest, feel burdened, and maybe start viewing our faith as an inherited obligation rather than something personal and life-giving.

If you feel this tension constantly, or even occasionally, you are not alone. If you have questions, doubts, or struggles with faith or simply with life, you are not alone. There is more. So much more. Somebody that actively wants more for you. If you struggle to find faith in your daily life because of time, or are hung up on a particular question or issue, know that others around you are experiencing that same thing, and haven’t had an occasion to bring it up.

And that’s where we start at Alpha. We invite you to bring your questions, bring your situation, bring yourself, and maybe even bring a friend that might have a different perspective. Faith is encountered exactly where you’re at right now, and we on the Alpha course are creating a space to explore that.

Worldwide, Alpha has been offered in several countries, with venues encompassing coffee shops, bars, schools, conferences, prisons. Many people consider it the catalyst for developing a faith they never had before. Here at St. Joseph, we’re excited to continue and be part of that.

What Does Alpha Cover?


Each week begins with a casual dinner as we gather with some simple music. Then we sit back to hear a live talk covering a specific theme such as “Is Christianity Relevant? Boring? Untrue?”, “What Evidence Is There for Who Jesus Is?”, “How Do I Pray?”, and "Does God Heal Today?" Many of the speakers incorporate real-life encounters they’ve experienced, ranging from the downright humorous to the pains and struggles of continuing to grow in their faith.

Small Group Discussion

Following the talk is an opportunity to share questions, differing viewpoints, and insights from what was presented. It’s a safe place to honestly share and have some meaningful conversation. Wherever you’re at in your faith journey—whether you already have some answers to these questions or you’ve never thought about them or you’ve wondered these very same things—you can benefit from joining others on this weekly quest for meaning, for truth.


On the fifth week of the course, all are encouraged to come on the Alpha Weekend (Fri Night/Sat). More than any other time of the course, attendees have shared experiencing a powerful change in how they view prayer, God, the Holy Spirit, and sharing faith on this weekend. This—if you will—is the climax of the Course, with the 5 weekly meetings leading into it, and 5 more to follow it up.

When Does Alpha Start?

The first meeting for this year's Alpha program is Tuesday, September 24th, 6:30-8: 30 pm, in Marian Hall with free dinner and limited childcare (please note on registration). Come and see if you like the first night; if so, continue with us for the 10-week course and retreat; if not, there’s no pressure to return, but we hope that you do!

Please register below! Space is limited.