Special Collections



The rule of thumb for giving of our tithe (10%) is half (5%) goes to support our parish and the other half (5%) goes to support other charities of your choosing.  Some charities to consider are listed below.

Here is a listing of Special Collections that occur throughout the year:

Local Assistance for the Poor and Needy

St. Vincent de Paul Society (monthly)

Catholic Schools (October/February) - St. Joseph School and Seton Catholic High School fund drives, respectively

Annual Catholic Appeal (1% of tithe) (April/May) - Funds a wide range of archdiocesan programs and services

Catholic Community Services/Catholic Housing Services (December) - Provides social services support to families throughout Washington

Special National and International Church Collections

Catholic Home Missions (February) - The embodiment of the Church's concern for evangelizing the Black and Indian peoples of the United States

Catholic Relief Services (March) - Supports Catholic Relief Services overseas

CRS Rice Bowl (Holy Thursday)

Holy Land (Good Friday)

Peter’s Pence (June) - Provides funds for ministries especially overseen by the Holy Father

Catholic Campaign for Human Development (September) - Founded to end the cycle of poverty in the United States

World Mission Sunday (October) - Supports Catholic missionary efforts throughout the world

Priest Pension Fund (October) - Supports the retirement fund for our retired priests

Other Charities (e.g. Red Cross, Share, Unbound, Birthright, Compassion Vancouver, etc.)