Altar Care

Description: To clean and maintain the sanctuary and the church, volunteers gather on Friday mornings after the 8 AM daily Mass.
Tasks include dusting, vacuuming around the altar, and cleaning the glass doors. Clean and maintain reconciliation room, vesting sacristy, and altar area, 4 people per week.  Training is on the job.
Qualifications: Be a Registered Parishioner
For more information, contact:
Mary Holt
Home: 360.256.7373   email
Jolene Wasche
Home: 360.896.1121   email


Altar Servers

Description: Serve at weekend Masses and on special occasions such as weddings, funerals, holy days, etc, Cross bearer, book bearer, candle bearers, incense bearer, Open to boys and girls who have received First Holy Communion. Serve at weekend Masses at least one Mass per month. Need at least 3 servers per Mass. Training, both initial and formative, is provided.
Qualifications: Must be a Registered Parishioner and have received  First Communion.
For information, contact:
Larry Cadorniga, Pastoral Assistant for Liturgy
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Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion (EMHC)

Description: To assist the priest with the distribution of Holy Communion at Mass.

Serve at daily and Sunday Masses. Participation for Sunday Masses is scheduled based on availability.
Qualifications: A registered parishioner in good standing and must have received the Sacrament of Confirmation.
Initial Training: A 1.5 hour class for new EMHC or for those interested in learning more about the ministry.
For more information, contact:
Larry Cadorniga: Pastoral Assistant for Liturgy
(360) 823-2829   email

Kris Greene: EMHC Training Coordinator
(360) 334-1664   email

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Liturgical Minister Information Form



Description: Proclaim the Word of God at parish liturgies.
Lectors read the first or second readings and the Responsorial Psalm when not sung by the cantor. Also, the lector will read the Prayers of the Faithful when the deacon is not present. Lectors are scheduled about once a month for Sunday Masses and one week per month for Daily Masses. Lector Manual
Qualifications: Be a registered and active parishioner in good standing and has received the Sacrament of Confirmation.
Initial Training: Preparation, proclamation techniques, procedures, and use of the microphone.
Formative Training: Fall and spring retreats for all liturgical ministers.
Lector practice coaching sessions and special workshops.
For more information, contact:
Dick Shamrell: Lector Training Coordinator
(360) 699-5524   email

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Altar Linens

Description: provide clean linens for the Sacred Liturgy, the Mass.
Linens are to be washed at home, ironed if needed, folded and returned to the church. Linens are to be picked up by the volunteer on Monday and returned on Wednesday. Other arrangements can be made.
Qualifications: Be a Registered Parishioner
For more information, contact:
Donna Erskine (Coordinator)
Home: 360.695.4707   email


Art and Environment

Description: To beautify the church, working with the Pastor and church maintenance staff, The placement and maintenance of floral arrangements for the various liturgical services including special seasons; decorating the church for the special seasons. Maintenance of plants, Need 4-6 people. Time commitment varies, depending on the needs and the season.
Qualifications: Registered Parishioner
For more information, contact:
Valerie Hepburn (Coordinator)
(360) 604-5858   email



Description: Welcomes parishioners and visitors and provide information. Occasionally hands out bulletins and worship aides. There are at least two volunteers per Sunday Mass. This is an excellent ministry for families. Volunteers usually serve once or twice a month.
Qualifications: Be a registered parishioner.
Initial Training: On the job training is provided
Formative Training: Annual retreats for Liturgical Ministers

For more information, contact:
Nicole Lagana (Coordinator)

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Master of Ceremonies (MC)

St. John Berchmans
Patron Saint of Altar Servers

Description: To assist the celebrant (priest) during Mass and to direct altar servers. Assists celebrant with the sacramentary, prepares altar table for communion, helps direct the younger servers, etc, during weekend Masses and special liturgies. One or two are needed per Mass. This ministry is open to adults and young men and women in high school who would like to help the younger servers in performance of their duties.
Qualifications: Registered parishioner and has received Sacrament of Confirmation.
For more information, contact:
Dan Graves (Coordinator)
(360) 281-9286

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Multicultural Mass

Description: An annual Mass and Festival that celebrates our diversity and uniqueness and demonstrates that the house of God is truly for all people.This event is held on Pentecost Sunday.

Volunteers (50-60) are needed to serve at the Mass or to help with the Festival.

Mass Volunteers: Banner Bearers, Lectors, Readers of the Prayers of the Faithful and Sign Language Interpreter. A rehearsal is provided for those volunteers who participate in the Mass.

Festival Volunteers:  Food preparation, serving, set up and clean up, Entertainers, Exhibitors.

Volunteer signups begin in April.

PLANNING COMMITTEE: The committee plans, coordinates , publicizes,  signs up volunteers. Each Committee member is responsible for one aspect of these events.  Committee meets at least monthly January-June.

For More Information, contact:

Larry Cadorniga, Pastoral Assistant for Liturgy

Offertory Gift Bearer

You are invited to be an Offertory Gift Bearer.  Find the Head Usher and ask if you can serve as the Gift Bearers for that Mass.

A minimum of 3 gift bearers are needed to carry: Bread, Wine and Offertory Collection.

Families or groups of any size can serve. Don't be shy. It is a privilege and honor to represent the assembly as you present the gifts.

After the Prayers of the Faithful, go stand on the north side of the Baptismal font (side closest to the confessional). The Head Usher will be there to assist you.

The usher will line you up and hand you the gifts.

Walk down the center aisle and follow the cross bearer.

When you arrive at the altar, present the gifts one at a time to the Priest/Deacon. After you have given your gift, stay with the group until everyone has given their gift. Then, as a group, bow reverently when the priest or deacons bows, and return to your seats.
Thank you!
Larry Cadorniga
Pastoral Assistant for Liturgy



St. Guy of Anderlecht Patron Saint of Sacristans

Description: The sacristan undertakes the overall preparation (including preparing necessary books, sacred vessels, linens, oils, etc.) for liturgical celebrations under the general direction of the Pastor. For most liturgies the sacristan serves with a partner. Sacristans usually serve every other weekend or one day a week for daily Mass, Initial and formative training is provided.

Qualifications:  Registered Parishioner in good standing, Must be Confirmed and approved by the Pastor.

For more information contact:

Shirley Buckmier
send Shirley an email

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