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The celebration of the Sacrament of Matrimony is a great moment of joy in the Parish family. The Church community stands up before God and acknowledges their own commitment to the couple who begin to live their vocation for the good of the Church.

Because it is so important to the life of the Church and because the commitment is such a solemn obligation, couples begin the marriage preparation process at least six months before their intended wedding date. One of the couple must be a registered and practicing member of the Parish. If the couple's family is registered and practicing members of a Parish, and the couple themselves are away at school, they may be married at St. Joseph Parish with a note from their current Pastor that states that they are practicing their faith and their current Pastor has no objection to their marriage taking place at St. Joseph.

Couples should contact Karrisa Stone at at least six months before the intended marriage date.

Planning your wedding?

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