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Sacramental Records

Below is the procedure regarding the request and release of Sacramental Record information from St. Joseph Catholic Church.

Sacramental records created before January 1, 1939 are available for genealogical and other research, provided the subjects of the inquiry are deceased. Otherwise, records must be requested by, and are released to, only the following:

Individuals who received the sacrament
Requesting church institutions
Parents of minor children in question (age 17 and younger)

Only written, signed requests will be considered. Telephone and email requests will be referred to this procedure. Sacramental record certificates MAY NOT BE MAILED DIRECTLY to the requestor. Records created after 1939 are considered "privileged" and are only available to those as defined above. In instances where a certificate needs to be mailed, the approved* requestor may have the certificate mailed to their current or nearest Parish for personal pickup. The requestor will be required to show government-issued, photo identification before the record will be released. For purposes of fulfilling paperwork requirements to receive a future Sacrament, please provide the name and current address of the Parish where the Sacrament will occur.
* - "approved" as indicated by definitions above.

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