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Official Parish Family Pastor Announcement

Today marks a significant milestone in our Partners in the Gospel journey. Archbishop Etienne and the Priest Personnel Board released the official list of pastors, parochial vicars and other assignments on Friday, and these assignments were announced to parishioners at Mass, today, Sunday, April 7th. These assignments will go into effect on July 1st this year. With our sibling parishes of Our Lady of Lourdes and the Proto-Cathedral of St. James the Greater, we are happy to announce that Rev. Timothy Ilgen is assigned to our Parish Family as pastor. Fr. Ilgen will be joined by Deacon Kyle Rink, who will be ordained to the priesthood on June 1, 2024, and then assigned as parochial vicar for our Parish Family. Finally, Fr. Kingsley Tebulo of the Diocese of Mangochi in Malawi will be arriving this summer and will also serve as a parochial vicar for our Parish Family. For more information on these priests please see below!
Lastly, we are ever grateful to Frances Farrell and Fr. Mike Bayard, SJ for their time and service at St. Joseph Catholic Church. Frances has been at our parish for many years, in different capacities including Marriage Preparation, RCIA, and a year as our Pastoral Coordinator. Frances has accepted a position with the Archdiocese of Seattle and will be serving as a Parish Family Liaison. In her position she will help Parish Families, including ours, go through the Partners in the Gospel process. Fr. Mike Bayard who has served as our Parish Priest since 2023, has been assigned to St. Joseph Parish and St. Therese Parish, as a parochial vicar. Both of you will be greatly missed and will be in our prayers throughout this time of transition.

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Pastor, Rev. Timothy W. Ilgen

Rev. Timothy Ilgen is currently the Pastor of Sacred Heart Church in Lacey, Washington. Fr. Tim is comfortable saying Mass in Spanish and has experience in multilingual communities, which will be great for our Spanish speaking community. Here is short bio from the Sacred Heart website: “I am a late vocation to the priesthood. I had several different professions before “receiving the call”. I was in sales, maintenance, and even operated my own business for a short time. I think these professions helped prepare me for the priesthood. I was ordained a priest on June 7, 2003, at St. James Cathedral by Archbishop Alex Brunett. I have been at Sacred Heart Parish since 2015. The main part of being a Pastor is the salvation of souls. Thanks be to God I have a great love for the people. I enjoy being a part of their lives, sharing in their joys and sufferings. Providing the sacraments is life-giving. Where would we be without the love of God being poured out upon us in abundance, especially through the sacraments. I pray that everyone will get to know and appreciate the love and mercy that God has for us. Praise the Lord!”

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Parochial Vicar, Dcn. Kyle Rink

Dcn. Kyle Rink will be ordained into the priesthood on June 1, 2024, and will then be appointed as parochial vicar of our parish family. Here is a short bio from the archdiocese website: “Kyle was born in Boston into a family of musicians and teachers. He spent his childhood in Puyallup, where he grew up with two younger siblings and a large extended family. He attended All Saints and was active in religious education and youth group. After graduating from Emerald Ridge High School, he went to Boise State to study civil engineering and play trumpet in the marching band. He was involved at St. Paul's Catholic Student Center and became a student leader. It was there that he first discerned a call to the priesthood. After graduating with a B.S. in civil engineering, he continued discernment while working as an engineer. Kyle enjoys soccer, exploring the Oregon Cascades and growing closer to Christ.”

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Parochial Vicar, Fr. Kingsley Tebulo

Fr. Kingsley Tebulo of the Diocese of Mangochi in Malawi will be arriving this summer and will also serve as a parochial vicar for our Parish Family. On November 26th, 2022, Fr. Tebulo was appointed the Dean of the Nankhwali. The deanery of Nankhwali is made up of four parishes, which are St. Magdalene (Koche) parish, Our Lady of Victory (Nankhwali) parish, St. Louis (Monkey-Bay) parish, and St. Alexandro (Nankumba) parish.

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