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Deacon Jose Gonzalez

Permanent Deacon

·        Pastoral care (Hospital and Homebound)

·        Marriage preparation

·        Annulments (English and Spanish)

·        Emergency calls coordinator

·        Adult confirmation (in Spanish)

·        RCIA (in Spanish)

·        First communion (In Spanish)

·        Translation of “Friday with Father” to Spanish

·        Pastoral visits

·        Serve and Preach in English and Spanish

·        Work with Marriage encounter group

·        Committal services

·        Celebrate quincianeras (15th Birthday )

·        Coordinate prayer group (in Spanish)

·        Catequist Formation

·        Coordinate Funerals (English and Spanish)

·        Bereavement group (in Spanish)

·        Help at Saint Vincent the Paul

·        Help on Parish Retreat

·        Help on other Parishes when is need it (like Saint Rose in Longview)

My name is Deacon Jose Gonzalez, I am the Pastoral Assistant for Pastoral care here at St. Joseph Catholic Church. I was ordinated in the Archdioseces of Portland on October 29th, 2011, by Archbishop John G. Vlazny. I serve as a volunteer in some parishes in the Portland area and the Diocese of Baker but mainly at Saint Anne Parish in Portland OR since 1999 until 2011 when I become an employee.

I have been at St. Joseph since July 2021.


Please feel free to contact me any time.

Deacon Jose Gonzalez
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